5 Rules to Be Healthier

Everyone wants to be healthy, as this is something that everyone prizes. Health is what helps you work for long hours to support the family, and it also allows you to enjoy vacation and spend quality time with the loved ones.

26b2cfd4a6666868f98cde836cae1e25There are many things that you can do to be healthy – lose some weight if it’s necessary, eat healthier – this is always mandatory and make exercises. Everything that you do should be to preserve your health, as this can also make your life longer but also happier.

Here are some rules that can make you have a longer, healthier life.

Rule 1 – Drink MilkOrghealth-1

Milk is not only for small children and it’s a good source of nutrients no matter what age you are. Milk has plenty of calcium and it helps with your teeth and bones, but it’s also a good breakfast in the morning. If you usually eat cereals with milk for breakfast, drink also the milk that remains in the bowl. This is recommended because more than 40% of the vitamins from the cereals are dissolved in the milk, and the leftovers are also sweet and good for your body.

Rule 2 – Exercise

Physical exercise is recommended at any age, and you can practice accordingly to your possibilities. At least 30 minutes of workout every day will improve your overall fitness level, working directly on your muscles and helping you renounce your sedentary life. You don’t have to become professional in one sport or another, but jogging, yoga, fitness or swimming are easier than other sports and can be done at any age with plenty of benefits. Swimming is a great alternative to running, it allows your work out your whole body in an easy an fast way. Although swimming is for most people, please check with your doctor if this exercise is right for you. People such as people that suffer from vertigo shouldn’t take up swimming. If you are one of these people relief can be quite simple, there are natural cure for people with vertigo.

Rule 3 – Drink Water

stamp_healthThe cells in your body contain mostly water and water is very important for a good functioning of the organism. A glass of water in the morning will do wonders for your organism, as it improves the functions of the digestive tract. In addition, when you exercise it’s recommended to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. If possible, make sure that you have cold water with ice cubes. This will make your body speed its functions, by using up more calories in trying to keep the heat inside your body. For those who are trying to lose weight, water it’s also important as it helps their metabolism speed up.

Rule 4 – Eat Red Vegetables

health-family-welfare512X512Yes, vegetables are extremely good for your health, but one of the most recommended healthy tips is to eat red vegetables. This is because the red vegetables like red cabbage contain a higher amount of beta-carotene along with Vitamin C, which are both very important for your body. It’s not good to cook them, but it’s better to eat the red vegetables in salads or as garnishes for other meals. Mix some red cabbage with some carrot and some white vegetables and add a little salt and a teaspoon of oil. Your salad is ready in less than 5 minutes and you’ll have a wonderful dish.

Rule 5 – Avoid Colds

health-check-small-PNGThis is something that everyone would like to avoid, as a cold, no matter when you experience it, is not something pleasant. When you shower, make sure you dry your head and neck with a towel first, to prevent a chill, no matter how warm it is inside your house. It’s a rule that should be applied all year round, as it’s said that healthy people get colds during the summer. Avoiding this as much as you can, will help you keep your exercise routine daily and you will be able to have your immunity level at high peaks.

It’s very important to keep an optimistic view on life, as this can also improve your overall state of wellness for a long period of time.


Alternate Solutions

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